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Avital Tzadok

Dr. Avital Zadok
Bar-Ilan University

Associate Researcher

Dr. Avital Zadok is a scholar in the field of information sciences with a focus on applying methods of natural language processing (Natural Language Processing) based on artificial intelligence and analysis and building profiles in social networks. In her research she used the Universal Dependencies (UD) methodology and as a case study the methodology was applied to two corpora from the field of early rabbinic literature, the Mishna and the Tosefta. The research findings may help the research of rabbinic literature, stand for the characteristics and editorial effects of the corpora and compare their editorial styles. The research contribution is demonstrated in the article here.

In addition to her academic achievements, Dr. Avital Zadok Highly skilled and experienced

R&D Software Group Manager in a large organizations with over two decades of experience.

She is an expert in the full life cycle of software project management and is proficient in

programming languages such as C#, Python and JavaScript. Emphasis on quality assurance and continuous improvement, while Apply industry standard testing to deliver high quality software solutions Have a track record of nurturing and collaborating, innovating and continuously improving within teams.


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