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About JewDit

In JewDit, we recognize the enormous value of the Jewish book world and are committed to harnessing the potential of advanced information technologies and artificial intelligence to advance the research of Jewish databases for future generations. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey of discovery, learning and innovation.

The JewDit Lab was established in memory of Prof. Judit Bar-Ilan (1958-2019), a leading researcher in Israel and an expert in information science and technology. Prof. Bar-Ilan has published over 300 articles and won many research grants. Her academic excellence is also reflected in many grants and awards she has won, such as the Derek de Solla Award of the journal Scientometrics in 2017 and the Research Award of the Society for Information Science ASIS&T in 2018.

Judith Bar Ilan

Prof. Judit Bar-Ilan

In recent years, a new field of digital Jewish studies has begun to develop in Israel, and Prof. Bar-Ilan was an enthusiastic supporter and even a pioneer in this field as well. Her research on "Developing a Multi-Perspective Ontology for Visual Arts Databases in the Field of Jewish Heritage" won a grant from the Israel Science Foundation in 2007 and has yielded numerous publications and significant contributions in the field. 


We at JewDit Lab are proud to continue the work of Prof. Judit Bar-Ilan and work to facilitate the understanding of complex information and make it accessible to wide audiences, using advanced technological tools and developing new methods for analyzing and examining the Jewish cultural heritage data.


As part of its mission, JewDit Lab aims to combine advanced technology with in-depth academic research, and to create new infrastructure and tools for research in the field in a way that enables new and fascinating insights into Jewish culture, history and philosophy.


Prof. Judit Bar-Ilan is always in our hearts and her immense contribution and scientific and human legacy will remain with us and serve as a role model for us for many years to come.

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