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Automatic detection of connections in texts as a tool for analyzing halachic literature


Bar-Ilan University

Chairman: Maayan Geffet-Tamir (Zhitomirsky)

  • Examining influences between sages in the literature of the Jewish community through the analysis of citation networks
    Maayan Geffet-Tamir (Zhitomirsky) (a), Jonathan Schler (a), Binyamin Katzof (a), Nati Ben-Gigi (a)

  • A computerized analysis of the halachic work of Sephardic and Mizrachi scholars who acquired their Torah in the State of Israel
    Yanir Marmor (A), Or Rafel-Kreuzer (A), Zvi Zohar (A)

  • Bibliometric and informative analysis of questions and answers of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef
    Ephraim Margalit (a), Elimelech Vestreich (a)

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