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Jonathan Geller

Dr. Jonathan Schler
Holon Institute of Technology

Head of Laboratory

Dr. Jonathan Schler is a distinguished scholar in the realm of machine learning and text analysis, with a special focus on authorship studies. Earning his doctorate in computer science from Bar-Ilan University, Dr. Schler has honed his expertise in the application of sophisticated machine learning algorithms for author identification and stylistic analysis. 


Dr. Schler's research encompasses several core areas of authorship analysis. He has delved into ascertaining the authors of historical texts and distinguishing the unique writing styles of authors with ambiguous identities. This includes analysis of Hebrew Torah writings and texts in ancient languages like Greek and Latin. Furthermore, Dr. Schler converges textual analysis with knowledge from the field of mental health to explore the traits and characteristics of text writers.


Dr. Schler enjoys collaborative partnerships with a range of research institutions both within Israel and overseas. His impactful work has been recognized through numerous substantial research grants from premier organizations such as ISF and the Ministry of Science, among others.

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