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Omri Suissa

Dr. Omri Suissa
Bar-Ilan University

Associate Researcher

Dr. Omri Suissa is a scholar in the field of Information Science with a focus on applying deep learning​ to question-answering and contributing to the ongoing effort of integrating computational technologies with humanities. His research has led to advancements in the utilization of DL for natural language question-answering in the digital humanities domain, particularly in the area of semi-structured datasets and numerical reasoning. His contribution is demonstrated through his scholarly work, including articles such as "Text analysis using deep neural networks in digital humanities and information science", "Question answering with deep neural networks for semi-structured heterogeneous genealogical knowledge graphs‏", and "Around the GLOBE: Numerical Aggregation Question-Answering on Heterogeneous Genealogical Knowledge Graphs with Deep Neural Networks", among others. In addition to his academic​ achievements, Dr. Omri Suissa co-​founded ClearMash, a thriving AI knowledge management company, where he currently serves as​ VP Product R&D. His experience spans over two decades in enterprise software development,managing R&D teams, and deploying NLP with ML & DL to large-scale enterprise environments. His​ unique combination of academic excellence and hands-on experience in creating software solutions​ for large organizations and successful startups alike has positioned him at the forefront of​ enterprise-oriented ML &DL R&D.

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