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Sara Minster

Bar-Ilan University

Associate Researcher

Sara Minster is a researcher in the field of information science, focusing on the implementation of AI models and big data algorithms in information retrieval, building ontologies, and contributing to the ongoing integration of NLP technologies with digital humanities. Her research leads to advancements in the use of state-of-the-art language analysis models in rich data corpora and assists in building ontologies in advanced technologies, preserving knowledge for the entire research community.

In addition to her academic achievements, Sara Minster is the founder and owner of B.T. Tech Solutions LTD, a company that developed software for managing medical laboratories and clinical trials. The system is installed in hospitals, private laboratories, and research facilities, interfacing with systems worldwide. Sara Minster currently serves as the CEO of the software company. Her experience spans over four decades in software development, leading development teams, analysing systems for large organizations, and ensuring quality control. The unique combination of academic excellence and practical experience in creating software solutions for large and medium-sized organizations, coupled with the ability to lead from the conceptual stage to a profitable company, allows her to find unique solutions that integrate her capabilities from the business world and the academic realm.

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